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New Poems

Requiem for a Fresco

The hovering cherubs assume
The poise of the playful
With arrows of oak
And hair of candy floss

Each cheek is sullied
By candle-wax and incense breath
Curling lazily beneath
The tickled rib vaulting

One cherub smiles
At the stream of organ air
Wafting each cream curl
With the caress of a sin

Another prancer glances
A chubby stub to the reredos
Where the crucifix
Quarters the crossing

Each wisp and tuck of smoke
Buries tears in some chapel
Or crypt, sniffing the hope
Of a hundred candles

There is a woman below
Her head bowed
By the burden of love
Her eyes are bedecked

By the soporiferous
Sweep of the cloud
The cherubs bathe their feet
In the rising sin

One cherub faces the earth
His eyes angry
Like the hunger of heaven
Tugging the arrowed

Lust of a creeping choirgirl
And her leather book
Branded like adolescence
With the braid of desire

© David Incoll 2001

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