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New Poems

Child Support

I saw a poster
It said "Mothers
Find those fathers"
Find the frenzied
Fear in his bones
Search yourself
For the infidel

The law knows its way
The child needs cash
Quick and secret
Here, her weekly jump
Hard as a nail
Bright as a button
Sewn in the dark

Dad's went out
With Levi Strauss
Dad's got a girl
He's never met
She's got questions
She's never scooped
Any answers to

'Cept man's got urges
And pulls never curbed
Giving him curses
And spring-fresh tits
On Friday or Sunday
And one more mouth
He's cast to the wind

Mum's got plaster
Peeling the wall
And a bowl of water
Each morning
She threatens to float
The strands of her hair
And her rouged lips

And her vacant hips there
Slapping the cold
Baptism of her
Cold pair of eyes
Her sweet new one
Fresh and lithe
As the day she left

© David Incoll 2001

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