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Dinco potential
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It was snow and ice and joy
I showed you how to bottom slide
I told you about the sixty degree
Hellbent drop on the other side

I slid, spinning on my back
And stopped. You were somewhere
Above or under or behind me
And you shivered into winter fall

The ice first swallowed my toes
Creeping fast to chill. You sped
The way I showed you to speed
And as you did your eyes lied

The air ravished you in a blush
You fell like a frozen Icarus
Unwaxed. You screamed and frothed
Panic and light in the dead water

I could see your frosted eyes
Between wooden fingers. Ice arms
Reached out to embrace you, failed.
I swept you out with gloved kisses

Heart in hand. I bent and plucked
You came up like a startled fish
Into air. Then I warmed your frosted eyes
And our melting love with warm nevers

© David Incoll 2001

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