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Fisher Boys

We were washing our faces
The water was still and cold
And dawn bleached our fingertips

The air bruised by lung heat
Snaked from our mouths and then
Imagined the smoke of cigars

When our hands scooped blue cups
Of mountain shards the shiver
Creased our mouths in fake smiles

And flakes of dawn's cool tincture
Spun off in alcoholic swoons
Smelling as charred as summer grass

The rocks were smooth as apples
Windfall hard and deep cold
As the arctic snout of a glacier

Where subterranean archaic
Bacteria hollowed the ice flows
And seals tapped like manic masons

And the minnows flirting here
In water between our toes
Might freeze silent as a broken mirror

There we dammed the water's pulse
With ligatures of scree and sedge
And cracked the fish with cane

So that the water gilt by dandy dawn
Fractured on the belly laughs
Of shoeless boys and flying fish

© David Incoll 2001

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Copyright by David Incoll 2001