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Welcome to davidincoll.com!
This site is dedicated to helping the thousands of people who suffer from ME/CFS. I have included information and advice on ME. I have also included some of my photography, which has kept me busy whilst I have been recovering from this illness.... Please find what you are looking for on the links below or search the site using the "Search" tool. Have fun!
ME/CFS Information

ME is a disease which affects more than 100,000 people in the UK alone. It can devastate people's lives, yet remains to be taken truly seriously by many people. Find out more about the myths, meanings and madness of ME/CFS in this comprehensive guide...

ME/CFS Index

I am a keen photographer so I've included a selection of my photos for you to browse if you're so inclined. As I can't draw or paint I decided to take up an art form that does much of the work for you! See what you think - again any comments or other photographer's efforts happily received! Please have a peek...


A comprehensive list of useful contacts on ME and photography.

About me

Find out about the person who made up all of this nonsense!

About Me

"Un sot savant est sot plus qu'un sot ignorant"

"A knowledgeable fool is a greater fool than an ignorant fool"

Molière, Les Femmes Savantes (1672)
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