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About me smile
Who am I?

My name is David Incoll. I am 30 years old (oh my god!) and mentally probably much younger than that! I'm about 6ft2" or 185cm tall and you can see my mugshot somewhere on this page. I'm British and Australian at the same time and swear an allegiance to the county of Yorkshire.
Where am I from?

I currently live in Taunton, a sleepy market town in the heart of rural Somerset. Life is pretty laid back and pleasant down here and I can see hills everywhere!! I'm originally from Leeds, a fantastic city with a great nightlife, culture and football team! I've also got Aussie roots so have divided loyalties when it comes to cricket or rugby.

What am I doing with a website?

A good question this, which I am not entirely certain I know the answer to. Basically I have had ME for about 7 years or so and I wanted to put down somewhere the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years on the subject of the disease. I realised that I was interested in IT and computers (yes, I am odd aren't I?), and that I wanted to do something with lots of pretty colours and fancy moving things. So I decided to combine my interest in design (without any evident skill to go with that interest) with my desire to help others with ME through the dissemination of information. It also seemed like a good excuse to be very bigheaded and put some of my semi-literary ramblings as well as a selection of my vain attempts at photography onto the site as well. Hope something was worth doing!

What am I like?

I am a thoroughly nice and rather wonderful human being as all my friends will attest (probably just to keep me quiet!). I like all sorts of music - classical, chilled, dance, world, anything really apart from thrash metal! I like cooking because I like eating. I'm a teetotaller now because of my ME, but this is probably just as well because my behaviour was once very odd after a few drinks. I sleep a lot and sometimes help plants grow in the garden by pretending to be Alan Titschmarsh without the amphetamine shot. I enjoy photography and have been taking night classes though all that I can say on this score is that I am better than I was! Philosophically-speaking, I suppose you could describe me as an agnostic positivist with a sense of the unknown!

My Photo
Any comments? Comments?
If you feel like writing something friendly, abusive or otherwise you can write to me at I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and bye!

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