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Dinco potential
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We had to dive in
Our teeth were chattering
With pneumatic consonants
Her body shook every
Cold finger on her back

Our feet went first
Hands weren't fast enough
To close the cocoons
We still had our socks
For nerveless toes

We zipped up corners
Black holes where tongues
Of book-babbled slivers
Contorted ivy breaths upon
Each pulsing jugular

I still wore my wollens
She sprouted cauliflower ears
In the melange of water
And her head afroed itself
Into a nest she combed

Some diffuse moonlight fed
The roof of the trembling tent
Like scolded torchlight
She shifted her limbs into
The warm corner of me

Our teeth chattered on
I blew flames into her ear
And spoke sweet somethings
So that the heat of my worlds
Melted her frozen neck

© David Incoll 2001

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