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Dinco potential
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Just a thought

Between the emphysemic diesel chokes
Facing the glowing shop fronts
My eyes ached in love's slumber

A knot grew inside my closing chest
There was a piece of my stomach
Garotted and white on the path

A thought dismembered itself
An image of you dislocated from
The blistering light of the jewellers

A woman grated past in high stilettoes
Breaking the concrete slabs as she went
I sank in a heap on the cold twilight

A voice splutters from my lungs
"Hearts are not meant to be mended
Like the shards of a vase". Just a thought.

Emotions are not dried up flowers
That last without water. I cried
Into the gutter, kissed the distraught.

© David Incoll 2001

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Copyright by David Incoll 2001