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Dinco potential
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New Poems

The Dependence

I'll put it in your language
I can't remember pictures
Sensations fly over me
As fast as bright swallows

You talk into nothingness
Just your own, strange voice
Making a duet with my song
Because singing turns you

I think you envy my warmth
You don't realise, I mourn
The dissonance of the sly
Changeling day so I look

To your face for assurance
As if you control the fate
Of each tick. I can't alone
Figure the treachery of night.

Unlike you, for me time forges
No universe. Each empty night
I wipe the slate clean, another
Is a blank canvas to paint sense

I swallow the air between us
By fixing my eyes on yours
How can safety disappear?
The thick gauze of my memory

Needs your love as you do
But the chill is in my bones
Not yours, the fear of a loss
In the night curls me not you

Hence I sigh pools till the breath
Squeezing under the cat flap
Tricks me and I meet an angel
When the lights are turned low

Still I own the soft friendship
Of my masked and whiskered one
She slinks into me, licks my nose
When you've forgotten your eyes

We have a language of conspiracy
We'll tell each other secrets
Which are ours alone, fables lost
In the long history of your kind

When you wake with the sun
And play with my faith again
Little has changed, no star burst
It's faint trembling on my care

No Persian wind set its charms
To draw me through the night
No pillar of love was rocked by
The presence of many ghosts

© David Incoll 2001

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