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Sometime not long ago life changed me
Smiles became less selfish to their need
The sorrowful sense of burning days
Became an ebb in the changing now

Slivers of doubt pointed their fingers
To the sky and hid their strange humour
In the camouflage of something future
Something that I, as yet, had swallowed

The petty smirk and sly wink at love
Ran itself into the dark where it lost sense
And at the base of the sea my sharpness
Muffled itself in the murk and mire of then

For her face raises these questions in me
As if those blue-blind eyes mark somehow
The simple ignorance of marching time
As if somewhere the camouflage fails

Her tiny body, frail as a single lung-full
Pulls some puppet string from rib to rib
And tugs willingly at the laughter inside
Sending myriad flutters to more tomorrows

The tinkling crystal of vocal experiment
Gives resonance to what was a muted string
So now the sinews and signs of a weak heart
Break their reins and beat once again

© David Incoll 2001

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