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Dinco potential
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Halley's Comet Likes To Talk To Himself

A comet is terrifyingly cold
He must chatter relentlessly
To keep the frost-bite at bay

He searches the galaxies for friends
Partners in ellipses or allies
In the spite of Russian roulette

Who will be the first to clatter
Like a befuddled pollinator
A naked curse into anti-matter?

He smiles quietly to himself
Ice smatters itself against the vacuum
Stars gaze with haughty repulsion

Some say he trails some lover's haul
He lost his sister when in Pisces so
He chased the end of his tail to forget

The end, watching her tumble into
The patient jaws of gaping fish like stars
Falling for his oval loveliness

© David Incoll 2001

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Copyright by David Incoll 2001