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There are a number of places that you can turn to for help when times are rough. I've been constantly amazed at how many organisations, charities and individuals exist that are specifically tailored to helping disabled or ill people once you start looking. You must remember that you are never alone - help is only a phonecall away. You may, at times, feel as if the whole world is against you and that you are completely stuck in a corner with no way out, but there are many others who have been through similarly traumatic experiences who have come out the other side.

In instances of ME the experiences of other sufferers are particularly important and useful since relatively little is known about the disease. Apart from the small number of scientists and clinicians involved in ME research the most clued-up experts on the disease are the sufferers themselves and this is a valuable resource for those who need to know more about ME. There are a huge number of web-sites and chat groups dedicated ato helping those with ME/CFS, and I have provided links to some of these on the "Links" page.

It is worth bearing in mind that there are many non-ME-related organisations and charities that are available for support. There are numerous disability rights organisations that have many years experience of dealing with the issues that face ME sufferers every day. These include RADAR, Disability Alliance amongst others. You can also find details of how to contact these organisations on the "Links" page.

I have been a member of the M.E. Association for some time. The M.E. Association has information on local support groups throughout the U.K. and also has a "Listening Ear" service available over the telephone for members. The other major charity concerned with the interests of ME sufferers is "Action for ME". This organisation offers similar services to the M.E. Association and also has a network of local support groups. There is also an organisation set up with the interests of young people with ME specifically in mind - the Association of Young People with M.E. (AYME). Details of how to get in touch with these organisations and many, many more related links can be found on the "Links" page.

My tips for finding support are:
  • Search your local library for information on local support groups
  • Check with your local Social Services whether you may be eligible for Disability Living Allowance (DLA), "home help" or "home-care-aid"
  • Check to see if your local supermarket has a home delivery service
  • Look on the web - a great resource for disabled people, many of whom are confined to their homes
  • Use your Disability Advocates service (which you'll find in the Phone Book), counselling services on the NHS or Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Use family and friends - you have the right to expect help from those near to you Home | ME/CFS | Photos | About me | Links | Search | Contact
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